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We have 3 studios in 3 sizes fit for debates, speeches, meetings, panel discussions, music videos, and pod casts. Streaming, recording or an online board meeting, 

Coffee with sandwiches to start the day, and afternoon coffee with biscuits or buns are included. We'll help with catering and courier services etc. so that can concentrate on streaming/recording.

And everybody gets a pair of indoor slippers from our sponsor Björn Borg.

Our 40 sq.m. main studio is fully equipped for streaming and recording with 3-5 cameras. The standard setup is 3 cameras, a camera jib, one rail dolly

and a motorized slider. 


This studio will accommodate anything from large lively debates to more composed discussions between two people for or an intimate interview.

It's divided in to two areas, one podium and one seating area with one led panel behind each area.


The studio has a flat floor and can be configured in any number of ways, 

to fit a podium debate with up to 8 people, or a seating area with 6-8 chairs.


Studio A

This 8 sq.m. studio is designated for pod casts.


Standard configuration is a desk with seating for 2–3 people.


You can stream or record video, with

1-2 persons and a 1-2 camera setup. 


Studio C

This 20 sq.m. studio has a 3 camera setup and full streaming capabilities.


The studio can house either a podium debate with up to 4 people or a seating area for a panel discussion and can be configured with led screens

or led lights in the background.


If you need to make a pod cast with more people than studio C can accommodate then this studio suits pod casts of up to 6 people.




We have 4 studio partners with studios that can be configured for recording or streaming in the same way as upper own studios. 

They are located at Kistagången 12,  Vasagatan 28, Norrtullsgatan 6 and at Gotlandsgatan 66.